Home Values Rise in Atlanta

Atlanta Real Estate Forum

Wednesday November 11, 2009 10:03 PM

According to a recent AJC article and the Case-Shiller index, there is good news for the metro Atlanta housing market, which has seen several months of modestly rising prices in home value. Specifically showing a 2.6%  rise in the third quarter of this year. Of course this is only speaking for the Atlanta area. Each city is seeing different changes, but things look positive for Atlanta as a whole which placed 53rd out of the 156 metro areas included in the study.

Among the best performing markets in the Atlanta metro area were Oxford, with a 25 percent increase in home value over the past year, and coming in second was the town of Between with a 20 percent increase. Changes can vary greatly from town to town as you can see.

With the announcement of the extension for the $8,000 homebuyer tax credit,  the nation will hopefully continue to see positive growth and a stabilization in the market in the months to come.  Due to all of the foreclosures we have been facing this may be just the boost the housing market needs. Atlanta’s foreclosure rate has doubled since last year, but thankfully it is still lower than the national average setting yet another positive outlook for the metro area.

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