President-Elect Obama plans to ‘give a jolt’ to economy

Atlanta Business Chronicle

November 24, 2008

President-elect Barack Obama unveiled his economic team Monday and said they would begin work immediately on an economic stimulus package.

Obama declined to specify how much money the plan would cost the federal government, but he said it needs to be big enough “so it really gives a jolt to the economy.” The plan will focus on creating 2.5 million jobs, partially through new spending on infrastructure, clean energy and education, he said. Read More >>>

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One Comment on “President-Elect Obama plans to ‘give a jolt’ to economy”

  1. Sheryl Says:

    Yet, the events are unfolding in such quick and stunning succession that it’s hard to grasp their meaning or put them into proper perspective. Is the economic panic fueling more panic? Or are we just waking up to the reality that the real WMD were right under our noses in the subprime mortgages and the derivatives. Let’s ponder that shall we at “Another Day, Another Bailout” at

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